Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my account?

To register an account you must use the command /register <email> in one of our game servers.

If you are currently banned, you can join our network (hubs) to register your account.

How can I appeal a punishment?

To appeal a punishment you must use our support tickets system. To use the support tickets system you must have a registered and confirmed account on our site.

If you are banned and have not registered in-game yet, join our network (hubs) and use the command /register <email>. After registration you can log into our website and use our support tickets system.

How can I report a player?

To report a player you can use the command /report <player> <reason> in any of our game servers.

For more delicate or urgent situations you may use the support tickets system to report players.

Can I appeal if I was banned for cheating?

If this is your first ban for cheating then you are allowed to appeal the ban. If you've had multiple bans for cheating, you must purchase an unban on our store.

Support Tickets

When creating a support ticket, please fill out the form properly and give as much detail as possible about your situation.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a staff member to review your ticket. Abuse of the support tickets system can result in a blacklist in-game and from the website.


If you need to contact a staff member as soon as possible, you can join our TeamSpeak and wait in one of our support rooms.