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Regarding our Ranks



If you have a rank on our server, you may have seen your rank's name has been slightly modified, or you may have been given a higher donor rank. None of your rank's perks have been removed, only the rank's name's been changed. This is because we have decided to change the rank scheme, and give ranks more perks.

Rank Name Changelog:
Old Member -> renamed to Clubber
Old Clubber -> renamed to Raver
Partyman -> now moved to Bartender

Rank Perks Changelog:
Bartender -> now has /tournament host and Sidebar settings
Bouncer - now has /tournament host, Sidebar settings, and /disguise

Check out the new rank scheme on our store: store.minemen.club. There's currently a sale going on, so try and check it out before it's over!

Hapis Hapis

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1 Staind Staind 1962
2 qVarious qVarious 1815
3 Darthrai Darthrai 1751
4 tye3315 tye3315 1742
5 Lastro Lastro 1735
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1 arikpls arikpls 5211
2 Invicibility Invicibility 1153
3 Zylix Zylix 1145
4 PineappleOnRice PineappleOnRice 1111
5 IWillKickUrAss IWillKickUrAss 1082
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1 arikpls arikpls 4665
2 Zylix Zylix 1266
3 Invicibility Invicibility 1259
4 kedn kedn 1230
5 Yoooooooooou Yoooooooooou 1191

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